DISNEY - Beauty & The Beast - Beast - Master Craft Statuette 43cm

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“In the journey of life, there are always miracles that change everything!

The story of “Beauty and the Beast” begins with the curse of a prince who must live like a beast and who, along with his loyal servants, gradually loses hope of finding a cure. But all is not lost: the lives of the Beast and a headstrong young girl named Belle intertwine when she sets out to rescue her father and ends up trading her freedom for her father's safety. The rest is cinematic history, as Beast and Beauty slowly fall in love against all odds!

Beast Kingdom's Entertainment Experience Brand is launching a new pair of individually-edited Master Craft statues from the wonderfully warm world of Beauty and the Beast. In addition to Belle from the classic animated film, fans can also take home a collectible statue of the "Beast" herself to complete the pair. Dressed in a classic tailcoat, the detailed collar designs match Belle's dress perfectly. Expertly handcrafted and painted, the statue painstakingly recreates detailed facial expressions and realistically depicts the Beast's commanding presence. In the Beast's hands and on both sides of the base, white roses symbolize his deep love for Belle. This limited edition of 3,000 copies worldwide is aimed at fans of the classic animated film and is an essential collector's item to accompany Belle.

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