WINNIE THE POOH - Tigger - Master Craft Statuette 39cm

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Attention: Item on pre-order for December 2024!!!

The happy and energetic “Tigger” is bounding to an office near you! Get ready to collect a figure from Beast Kingdom's coveted Master Craft line, with Tigger MC-075. Arguably Disney's most vivid character, the Winnie the Pooh Master Craft is a meticulously designed and handcrafted statue, featuring intricate coloring techniques. This statue captures Tigger's boundless energy and distinct orange and black colors, as he leaps on his tail and enters a pumpkin patch. Bring some joy and excitement home and marvel at the high quality of this limited edition of just 3000 pieces worldwide. Available exclusively at official Beast Kingdom retail outlets.

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Important: These figurines for sale are hand-painted products . This can cause small imperfections in the details of the molding (e.g.: small holes), finishes, etc. These are not really defects because they arise from manufacturing but we guarantee an authentic item and this cannot lead to complaints.