THE NIGHTHIGHT CHRISTMAS - Halloween King - Diorama D-Stage 15cm

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Attention: Item on pre-order for September 2024!!!

“Jack Skellington,” aka the Pumpkin King, is the spooky ruler of Halloween Town and is an integral part of Halloween every year. Yet in the classic 1993 film, which celebrates its 30th anniversary today, all is not as it seems, as Jack gradually discovers the miracles of Christmas and the warmth it brings. Join Beast Kingdom in celebration with the introduction of two new classic scenes recreated in D-Stage (Staging Your Dreams) format.

This set, "Halloween King Jack Edition", dates to the very first time Halloween Town celebrated Halloween, bringing fans back in joyful singing. Here we saw the infamous Jack the Pumpkin King transform into "Skull Jack" as he fell into the fountain, which in this figure glows in the dark.